Congress ESL 2019

Congress ESL 2019

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1rst meeting of the Group R&D Clinical Applications Fluorescence Imagings Brussels, 3rd May 2019

PROGRAM (tittles and speakers)

There is a growing interest for the Near Infra-Red Fluorescence Imaging techniques. Some clinical applications may be said now as well established, such as for the identification of the Sentinel Lymph Nodes and/or of the lymphatic vessels, for the evaluation of the vascularization of tissues to be grafted and/or anastomosed and for the parathyroids imaging. However, their use remains limited. Some are also in development and remain in field of the clinical research, such as the identification-delineation of tumoral remnants, of lymph-node invasion,… In the framework of the following sessions, these techniques and their applications will be presented and discussed.

Session 1 : « Opto-Acoustic and Near-Infra-Red-Fluorescence Imagings (ICG) in Breast Cancers and in Melanomas »

« Preclinical ICG applications in optoacoustics »

Dr Sardella (Germany)

« Lymphatic Mapping and SLN biopsy: multi-spectral optoacoustic tomography based tri-modal imaging can replace technetium »

Pr Klode (Germany)

« Near-Infra-Red-Fluorescence Imagings for Breast cancers and their nodal metastases ? »

Pr Bourgeois (Belgium)


Session 2 : « Near-Infra-Red-Fluorescence Imagings in Gynecologic and Urologic Cancers »

« ICG-targeted template lymph node dissection in prostate cancer : the evolution »

Pr Janetschek (Austria)

« Clinical application of fluorescence imaging in robotic urologic surgery »

Dr De Naeyer (Belgium)

« NIRFI of SLN in cervical and endometrial cancers » (tittle TBC)

Pr Mathevet (Switzerland)


Session 3 : « Near-Infra-Red-Fluorescence Imagings in Head and Neck Cancers and Parathyroid »

« NIRFI in combination with radio-guided surgery for SLN in head and neck cancers »

Pr F Van Leeuwen (The Netherlands)

« ICG and autofluoresence for parathyroid detection and imaging »

Dr JV Fortuny (Switezrland)

« ICG Near-Infra-Red-Fluorescence Imagings for Head and Neck cancers and their nodal metastases ? »

Dr Digonnet (Belgium)


Session 4 : « Near-Infra-Red-Fluorescence Imagings in Intra-Abdominal Cancers »

« Decreasing leak rate in colorectal anastomosis using near infra fred technology »

Pr Ris (Switzerland)

« NIRFI imaging of endometriosis after IV injection of ICG » (tittle TBC)

Pr Fastrez (Belgium)

« Clinical applications of ICG-Fluorescence imagings in digestive surgical oncology»

Pr Liberale (Belgium)


We draw the attention of the GCAFI participants to the sessions organized in the framework of the ESL meeting…

Warning ! These sessions will be cancelled if there are less than 30 participants on 14th May !


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