Congress ESL 2019

Congress ESL 2019

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45th meeting of the European Society of Lymphology

Brussels, 3rd and 4th May 2019


 « Comments about the Scientific Program… »

Pr Bourgeois (Belgium)


The following program needs some comments :


  • Some abstracts are in session other than proposed by the authors because the Organizing Committee feels that the other session was most suitable due to the content of the abstract…


  • Some abstracts (proposed as poster) were ranked so high that they were proposed as oral presentation…
  • The authors remain free not to follow this proposal…


  • Proposed timings for oral presentations have been « calculated » on the basis of the abstract…
  • If timing is considered too short by the authors, they are invited to present part of their methods and/or materials as poster… (what Pr P Bourgeois will do for his lecture)


  • The speakers must respect the proposed timings !


08h00-08h15 :


ESL President Welcome Speech : Pr Boccardo (Italy)


Congress President Welcome Speech : Pr Bourgeois (Belgium)


In Memoriam « Michael Foeldi » : Pr Leduc (Belgium)



08h15-10h00 : Oral presentation 

Lymphatic system : anatomy, phyisiology and patho-physiology.

Chair : Pr Papendieck (Argentina), Pr Olszewski (Czech Rep), Pr Pissas (France)


08h15-08h25 :

Reassessment of anti-podoplastin antibody (DE-40) immunohistochemistry for lymphatic vessels: study of the immunohistochemical reactivties to histological components other than lymphatic endothelium.  

Okada E (Japan)


08h25-08h35 :

The importance of the posterior gastric trunk in the lymphatic drainage of the lymphatic splenic territory of the stomach  

Pissas A, Gras O, Scarratto M, Canovas F (France)


08h35-08h43 :

Comparison in the axillary distribution of the Lymph nodes draining respectively the breast and the arm; preliminary results based on SPECT-CT lymphoscintigraphic investigations  

Westerby T, Roman MM, Bourgeois P (Belgium)


08h43-08h53 :

Spect-CT assessment of unexpected lymphatic drainages in patients with secondary lower limb lymphedema  

Barbieux R, Roman MM, Leduc O, Leduc A, Bourgeois P (Belgium)


08h53-09h01 :

Lymphoscintigraphic observations in a series of 7 patients with non secundary edema at the level of the face  

Giacalone G, Zeltzer A, Bourgeois P (Belgium)


09h01-09h11 :

Venous Hypertension and Lymphedema of Lower Limbs: the key role of lymph nodes veins  

Amore M, Papendieck CM, Salvia S (Argentina)


09h11-09h21 :

Human lower limb lymphatic pulse insufficiency  

Olszewski WL, Zaleska MT (Poland)


09h21-09h31 :

Aligned Nanofibrillar Collagen Scaffolds Can Prevent and Treat Lymphedema in Rats.  

Nguyen D, Dionysiou D, Zaitseva T, Montenegro C, Sue G, Deptula P, Wan D, Rochlin D, Paukshto M, Rockson S (USA).


09h31-10h00 :




08h15-10h00 : Oral Presentations


Secondary Lymphatic Complications : Diagnosis and Prevention. (Part 1)

Chair : Pr Amore (Argentina), Pr Eliska (Czech Rep), Pr Leduc (Belgium)


08h15-08h25 :

Secondary Malignant lymphedema: different scenarios 

Forner-Cordero I, Martinez-Amoros P, Herrero-Manley L, Munoz-Langa J (Spain)


08h25-08h35 :

Lymphatic cord following axillary node dissection 

Johansson K (Sweden), Chong H, Mortimer P (UK)


08h35-08h45 :

Influence of breast cancer surgery on the development of axillary web syndrom.

Beranuy Rodriguez M (Spain)


08h45-08h55 :

Early detection of secondary lymphedema after cancer treatments

Belgrado J.P., Vandermeeren L., Vankerckhove S., Valsamis J.B., Carly B., Hertens D., Beier B., Etbaz S., Carly B., Liebens F.  (Belgium)


08h55-09h05 :

Lymphatic system and silicone implants of the breast  

Eliska O, Benes J (Czech Rep)


09h05-09h15 :

Sirolimus induced lymphedema  

Amore M (Argentina)


09h15-09h25 :

Associated factors of axillary web syndrome in patients affected by breast cancer: a retrospective study

Vázquez Gallego S (Spain)


09h25-10h00 :




10h30-12h30 : Oral Presentations


Lymphatic system imagings in Lymphedemas

Chair : Pr Bourgeois (Belgium), Pr Ningfei Liu (China), Prof Yamamoto (Japan), Pr Wald (Czech Republic)


10h30-10h40 :

The 4 phase SPECT-CT lymphoscintigraphic investigation in the classification of lymphatic disorders

Bourgeois P (Belgium)


10h40-11h00 :

MRI lymph angiography in classification of lymphatic disorders

Ningfei Liu (China)


11h00-11h20 :

ICG NIRFI lymphnography in the classification (evaluation and management) of lymphedematous patients

Yamamoto T (Japan)


11h20-11h30 :

Ultra high-frequency ultrasound: a new tool for vizualisation of lymphatic vessels?

Giacalone G, Yamamoto T, Belva F, Hayashi A


11h30-11h40 :

The lymphoscintigraphic study of the deep lymphatic circulation for the differential diagnosis of lower limbs edema

Povolato M, Onorato A, Busetto A (Italy)


11h40-11h50 :

Non-standard lymphoscintigraphy in primary lymphoedema of lower limb: is it meaningful?

Wald M, Svobodova J (Czech Rep)


11h50-12h00 :

MRL and clinical evaluation of free lymph node transfer in management of lymphoedema of extremities

Atta AT (Egypt)



“MR lymphography in the planning of lymphedema surgery: the Brussels protocol.”

Zeltzer A, Brussaard C, Adriaenssens N, Hamdi M (Belgium)


12h10-12h30 :




10h30-12h30 : Oral Presentations


Secondary Lymphatic Complications : Diagnosis and Prevention. (part 2)

Chair : Pr Adriaenssens (Belgium), Pr Johansson (Sweden), Pr Michelini (Italy)


10h30-10h42 :

Lymphedema Prophylaxis recommendations after breast cancer surgery: a systematic literature review

Rogan S, Taeymans J, Sidler S, Sturzenegger T, Luginbuehl H (Switzerland)


10h42-11h00 :

Implementation of early lymphedema diagnosis for prevention  

Johansson K (Sweden)


11h00-11h12 :

Early prevention of 2ary lymphedema and its complications after breast cancer treatment: integrated approach and advisability

Rovnaya A (Russia)


11h12-11h24 :

Calf circumscribed lymphedema proceeds to whole body lymphedema if not early diagnosed and treated-early diagnosis  

Olszewski WL, Zaleska MT (Poland)


11h24-11h36 :

Perioperative conservative treatment for lymphedema patients with microsurgery (LVA and LNT)

Adriaenssens N, Zeltzer A, Hamdi M (Belgium)



Lymphedema after breast cancer treatment: primary prevention protocol study after a 5-year follow-up

Cestari M , Amati S, Appetecchi F, Curti L, De Marchi M, De Rebotti C, Tomassi C (Italy)


11h48-12h30 :




14h00-16h00 : Oral Presentations


Surgery for prevention and/or treatment of  Lymphatic Complications. (Part 1)

Chair : Pr Hamdi (Belgium), Pr Olszewski (Poland), Pr Yamamoto (Japan)


14h00-14h20 :

Management of female genital Lymphoedema by a new technique

Manokaram G (India)


14h20-14h35 :

System of Complete and Effective Staging-guided Treatment for Peripheral Lymphedema:  The Genoa Protocol

Campisi CC ( Italy)


14h35-14h50 :

Decreasing donor site morbidity after groin vascularized lymph node transfer with lessons learned

over a 12-year experience and review of the literature.

Hamdi M, Ramaut L, De Baerdemaeker R, Zeltzer A (Belgium)


14h50-15h05 :

L.Y.M.P.H.A. technique for the prevention of early and late complications in melanoma treatment

Dessalvi S, Mascherini M, Cavelli M, De Cian F, Boccardo F (Italy)


15h05-15h17 :

How to treat intractable lymphorrea?

Giacalone G, Yamamoto T, Belva F, Wets R, Gysen M, Hayashi N, Yamamoto N, Hayashi A (Belgium – Japan)


15h17-15h29 :

Microsurgical treatment for recurrent lymphocele: does it work?

Giacalone G, Yamamoto T, Belva F, Wets R, Gysen M, Hayashi N, Yamamoto N, Hayashi A (Belgium – Japan)


15h29-16h00 :





14h00-16h00 : Oral Presentations


The Physical Treatments of Lymphedemas (Part 1)

Chair : Pr Adriaenssens (Belgium), Dr Cestari (Italy), Pr Forner-Cordero (Spain), Pr Leduc (Belgium)


14h00-14h20 :

Normobaric oxygen and lymphedemas

Balestra C (Belgium)


14h20-14h40 :

MLD by the facts

Barbieux R, Leduc A (Belgium)


14h40-14h50 :

Lymphoscintigraphic evaluation of the effects of manual lymphatic drainage at the root of the limb for patients with (upper or lower) limb lymphedema

Barbieux R, Roman MM, Doyenard S, Rivière F, Curnier A, Van De Putte L, Rodriguez Y Penafuerte D, Windels A, Saragoni F, Leduc O, Leduc A, Provyn S, Bourgeois P. (Belgium)


14h50-15h10 :

Self adjustable compression wraps: recent data

Flour M (Belgium)


15h10-15h20 :

Evaluation of different short-stretch compression systems treating patients with bilateral leg lymphoedema stage II

Rucigaj M, Vrecek M, Suhodolcan AB (Slovenia)


15h20-15h30 :

The effectiveness of edema fluid mobilisation and formation of flow "channels" by the tissue Mobiderm-like compressing blocks

Zaleska MT, Olszewski WL (Poland)


15h30-16h00 :




16h30-18h30 : Oral Presentations


Surgery for prevention and/or treatment of  Lymphatic Complications. (Part 2)

Chair : Dr Boccardo (Italy), Pr Campisi (Italy), Pr Zeltzer (Belgium)


16h30-16h50 :

Interdisciplinary Approach to the Prevention and Treatment of Secondary Lymphatic Complications.  

Boccardo F. (Italy)


16h50-17h02 :

Microsurgical planning for lymphedema guided by two-compartment lymphoscintigraphy

Campisi CC, Villa G, Ryan M, Boccardo F, Campisi C (Italy)



Single site multiple lymphatic venous anastomosis (SS-MLVA) for the staging guided peripheral lymphedema treatment and long-term clinical outcomes

Campisi CC (Italy)



Management of giant lymphoedema by a combined modality

Manokaram G (India)



Sequential selective Fibro-Lipo-Lymph aspiration for Lymph Vessel Sparing Procedure (FLVA-LSVP) for the effective treatment of Advanced stages of peripheral lymphedema

Campisi CC (Italy)


17h38-17h50 :

Advanced stage obstructive lymphedema of lower limbs can be successfully controlled by silicone tube implants replacing obliterated lymphatic collectors

Olszewski WL, Zaleska MT, (Poland) Hydrabadi R, Banker M, Kurkular P (India)


17h50-18h02 :

Lymphovenous shunts in pediatrics

Papendieck C, Amore M (Argentina)


18h02-18h30 :




16h30-18h00 : Oral Presentations


The Physical Treatments of Lymphedemas (Part 2)

Chair : Pr Foeldi (Germany), Pr Johansson (Sweden), Pr Michelini (Italy),


16h30-14h50 :

Pneumatic decongestion : out of the facts of fake-data

Theys S (Belgium)


16h50-17h02 :

Effectiveness of intermittent pneumatic compression in leg edema can be shown on ICG images

Zaleska MT, Olszewski WL, Hydrabadi R (Poland and India)


17h02-17h14 :

Early diagnosis and treatment of mild arm lymphedema: preliminary results

Johansson K, Karlsson K (Sweden)


17h14-17h26 :

Adapting conservative treatment to lymphedema surgery: what can the patient expect?

Zeltzer A, Adriaenssens N, Jacobs K, Hamdi M (Belgium)


17h26-17h38 :

Synergic treatment and clinical results

Michelini S (Italy)


17h38-17h50 :

Lymphedema and venous ulcers

Harfouche J, Van den Bulck R, Matabisi I, Ceulemans S (Belgium)


17h50-18h02 :

Lymphatic ulcers: traditional bandage and new aspect of advance wound care: photobiomodulation  

Maccio A (Italy)


18h02-18h30 :




08h00-10h00: Oral Presentation


Lymphatic system and sport

Chair : Pr Hamadé (France), Dr Engels (Belgium)


08h00-08h10 :

Sport and lymphedema: a reality or a contradiction ?

Hamadé A (France)


08h10-08h25 :

Lymphatic system and sport : why exercice for lymphedema declined and then came back in favor.

Johansson K (Sweden)


08h25-08h45 :

Cyclist's vulvar edemas

Engels S, Baeyens Y (Belgium)


08h45-08h55 :

Damages of the lymphatic system in other sports ?

Bourgeois P (Belgium)


08h55-09h07 :

Insufficient lymphatic transport of excess capillary filtrate from subuctaneous tissue may be cause of delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS) in marathon runners

Zaleska MT, Olszewski WL, Ziemba AW, Mikulski T (Poland)


09h07-09h19 :

The benefit of graduate degressive compression garnment in running in athletics affected by lymphedema of lower limbs

Hamadé A, Bensalah N, Woehl B, Jambert L, Michel P, Obringer G, Lehn-Hogg M, Buschenrieder N (France)


09h19-09h29 :

Evaluation of physical activity, exercice capacity, physical performance, balance and fear of movement in lower extremity lymphedema patients

Pehlivan B, Erdoganoglu Y, Tüzün S (Turkey)


09h29-09h39 :

Upper limb functional capacity and peripheral muscle strength in patients with lymphedema after breast cancer

Selin Of N, Tuzun S (Turkey)


09h39-10h00 :






08h30-10h00: Oral Presentation


Lymphedema Evaluation

Chair : Dr Harfouche (Belgium), Pr Johansson (Sweden), Pr Leduc (Belgium)


08h30-08h50 :

Means and steps for a better response in the lymphedema therapy

Harfouche J (Belgium)


08h50-09h02 :

Diagnosing early mild arm lymphoedema using tissue dielectric constant (TDC) and water displacement method (WDM).

Karlsson K, Nilsson-Wikmar L, Brogardg C, Johansson K (Sweden)


09h02-09h14 :

Reliability test of measurements of lower limb volume and local tissue water in healthy subjects

Jönsson C, Bjurberg M, Brogardh C, Johansson K (Sweden)


09h14-09h26 :

Psychological research study on the effect of global treatment in patients with lymphedema

Lebois M, Leone A (Italy)


09h36-10h00 :





08h30-10h00: Oral Presentation


Genetics and/in Lymphedemas

Chair : Pr Michelini (Italy), Pr Vikkula M (Belgium)


08h30-08h50 :

Genetics in Primary lymphedemas

Vikkula M (Belgium)


08h50-09h10 :

Post-therapeutic limb lymphedema: Primary and/or Secondary?

Roman MM (Belgium)


09h10-09h25 :

CCBE1 mutation study in primary lymphedema

Michelini S (Italy)


09h25-09h40 :

Lymphoscintigraphic evolution of primary lower limb lymphedema

Bourgeois P, Roman MM (Belgium)


09h40-10h00 :




10h30-12h30: Oral Presentation


Fatty tissues and lymphatic system

Chair : Dr Horra (Spain), Pr Michelini (Italy), Pr Provyn (Belgium)


10h30-10h50 :

Lymphatic obstruction and fat deposition

Andrade M. (Brasil)


10h50-11h10 :

Fatty tissues as cause and consequence of the interstitial lymphatic drainage deficiency.

Horra A (Spain)


11h10-11h25 :

New stadiation of lipedema

Michelini S, Fiorentino A., Moneta G., Cardone M., Fantegrossi M.R., Romaldini F  (Italy)


11h25-11h37 :

Quantitative evaluation of leg soft tissue volume increase in lymphedema (fluid and increased cell and matrix mass) measurement before and after compression

Olszewski w, Zaleska MT (Poland)


11h37-11h50 :

Prevalence of joint hypermobility in lipedema

Vazquez-Diez J, Forner-Cordero I, Munoz-Langa J (Spain)


11h50-12h30 :




14h00-16h00 : Oral Presentations


Lymphatic System infection and/or inflammation

Chair : Pr Flour (Belgium), Pr Manokaram (India)


14h00-14h20 :

Skin infection/inflammation in lymphoedema

Flour M (Belgium)


14h20-14h40 :

The complications of lymphoedema and their management

Manokaram G (India)


14h40-14h52 :

Treatment by external application for lymphedema (part 2)

Okhuma M (Japan)


14h52-15h04 :

Early diagnosis of lower limb inflammation foci prior to overt clinical lymphedema using ICG soft tissue visualization

Zaleska MT, Olszewski WL (Poland)


15h04-15h16 :

Dermatolymphangioadenitis (DLA, cellulitis) in obstructive lymphedema type of bacteria and effects of slowly-absorbed penicillin 2019 state of knowledge

Zaleska MT, Olszewski WL (Poland)


15h16-15h28 :

Advanced lymphedema of lower limbs: ICG NIRFI and isotopic lymphographies detect sites of predilection for inflammation: hints for prevention therapy

Olszewski WL, Zaleska MT, Hydrabadi R, Banker M, Kurkular P (Poland and India)


15h28-16h00 :




Poster Session 1:


Presence of at least one author during coffee breaks and from 13h30 to 14h00


Discussion: 18h30-19h00

Chair: Dr Belgrado (Belgium)


Changes in the status of our primary lymphoedema patients: focus on compliance, adherence, and persistence

Nemes-Told, Boros E (Turkey)


The psycho-socio-economic impact of severe primary lower limb lymphedema. A case report

Takacs E, Nemes-Toldi J, Boros E (Hungary)


Reimbursed inpatient treatment for lymphedema: an Italian experience

Dorigo E, Ausbergher S, Onorato A (Italy)


Infiltration of Botulinum Toxin A in patients with post-mastectomy syndrome: impact on quality of life

Maitin Noguera V, Crespo Cobo MP, Gil Hernandez MS (Spain)


Possible new methods for measuring the effectiveness of lymphedema rehabilitation

Boros E, Miklody-Trasy E, Nemes-Toldi J, Takacs (Hungary)


Lower Limb Lymphedema In A Patient With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kostanoglu A, Kaya M, Tepe H (Turkey)


The effect of trunk stabilization exercises on postural stability at lipoedema patients

Demircan G, Kostanoglu A (Turkey)


The effects of repeated intensive phase treatment upper and lower limb lymphedema

Kaya M, Kostanoglu A (Turkey)


Complexe decongestive therapy: transition from intensive phase to maintenance phase

Maccio A (Italy)


The patient with primary left lower extremity lymphedema : a case study.

Yudur C (Turkey)




Poster Session 2:


Presence of at least one author during coffee breaks and from 13h30 to 14h00


Discussion: 18h30-19h00

Chair: Pr Leduc (Belgium), Mrs Dubois (Belgium)


Effects of Neuromuscular Tape on signs and symptoms of Axillary Web Syndrome: a pilot study

Ausbergher S, Dorigo E, Onorato A (Italy)


Lymphoscintigraphy in Ehlers Danloss syndrom with Lower LImb Lymphedema in one adult patient

Moutschen M, Bourgeois P (Belgium)


Upper limb Klippel-trenaunay syndrome associated with breast cancer related lymphedema

Vazquez-Diez J, Forner-Cordero I, Bermejo-Marin A, Rel-Monzo P (Italy)


Retro-peritoneal cystic lymphangioma treated by Sildenafil: case report

Holemans C, Honore P, Defraigne JO (Belgium)


Lympho-venous anastomosis for gluteal lymphedema

Yamamoto T, Belva F, Hayashi N, Yamamoto N, Hayashi A (Japan)


Microsurgical treatment for breast lymphedema

Giacalone G (Belgium), Yamamoto T (Japan)


Complete reduction of breast cancer related arm lymphedema in 105 patients following liposuction: a five-year follow-up.

Hoffner T, Brörson H (Sweden)


Axillary Web Syndrome: post-surgery incidence in 18 month follow-up 

Gil Hernanez MS, Crespo Cobo MP, Cid Bassaletti C, Martinez Serrno S (Spain)


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