Lymphological Awards


The 2014 “Mission Impossible” Lymphological Questions

“The manual stimulation of the supra-clavicular and/or cervical lympho-nodal areas in human patients can stimulate the lymphatic system of the lower limbs and/or is usefull for human patients with lower limb edema”

“The lymph of the upper limbs can be directed toward the inguinal lympho-nodal areas and/or the manual stimulation of the inguinal lympho-nodal areas is usefull to treat human patients with upper limb edema”

Background: the “Lymphological Questions”

Several theories and practices in the lymphological field are highly questionable and are questioned because they are not scientifically proven. These problematic theories and/or practices represent the “Lymphological Questions”.

The aim of the “Mission Impossible” Lymphological Awards is to promote scientific and/or clinical researchs and/or publications giving, either negative, or positive answer(s) to these “Lymphological Questions”.

These “Lymphological questions” can be raised by any member of the scientific lymphological community. They can be submitted to Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS (Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.).

After evaluation by one Scientific Committee and if considered relevant, they will be published in the European Journal of Lymphology (as in any Journal interested in the publication of the information) and in the ESL and BeSL Web Site.

About the “MI Lymphological Award Challenger”

Any scientific who is interested in these “questions” and who is ready to work and/or to publish data “answering” to one of these questions is invited to let him-her know to Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS and will be notified as “MI Lymphological Award Challenger” for the corresponding “Lymphological Question”.

The “MI Lymphological Award Challengers” are invited to submiss their works and results to the evaluation of the Scientific Committee under the presidence of Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS (to whom the “challengers” have to send their “full paper”).

Case reports, animal studies and retrospective data are not accepted.

These works have to be well detailed in terms of objective(s), material(s) and method(s) (including statistical considerations). The works have to be reproducible. The results have to be complete and comprehensive (The members of the Scientific Committee are allowed to request to have knowledge of the full and detailed results: the non acceptance by the “Challenger” will be publically notified and published as such).

If the “challenger” agrees, the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the “MI Lymphological Award Challenger(s)” for one precise “Lymphological Question” will be officially announced in the European Journal of Lymphology (as in any Journal interested in the publication of the information), in the ESL and BeSL Web Site and during the ESL Scientific Meeting.

The “MI Lymphological Awards” Scientific Committee and its processing of decision

The members of the Scientific Committee who will review the paper-work are selected by Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS.

The members of the Scientific Committee will have to declare any conflict of interest with regard to the field concerned by the “Lymphological Question”.

Possible “conflict(s) of interest” (as estimated by one “challenger” for-against any possible member of the Scientific Committee) has-have to be submitted to the President, Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS.

The members of the Scientific Committee have three months to evaluate the proposed work, to give their analysis and to return their “verdict” to Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS.

The “MI Lymphological Award Challenger(s)” has(-have) three months to answer to the questions and/or objections raised by any member of the Scientific Committee.

Only papers-works which will have answered all the critics raised by the Scientific Committee will be considered for final decision by Pr Pierre BOURGEOIS. 

Financial reward and others…

For each “Question”, a monetary prize of 1000 Euros will be given when one negative answer is given and a monetary prize of 5000 Euros when the answer is positive. For the “negative answers”, the numbers of prizes is limited to 5 per “Question”.

These prizes will be given to the PB MI Lymphological Award winner(s) during the ESL and/or BeSL meeting following their selection and their work will be published as full paper in the EJLRP.

The award winners will also receive an award certificate.